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Group Overview
Management Team
We are a functional fabric and innerwear manufacturer established in the PRC, offering various types of functional fabrics and innerwear for infants as well as adults. We manufacture functional and customised fabrics for major lingerie and apparel brands, and innerwear products on an OEM basis for major apparel brands. Our products are mainly sold to the sourcing agents, wholesalers and brand owners respectively. Our production facilities are based in Zhucheng, Shandong, the PRC with an aggregate floor area of more than 52,000 sq.m. Equipped with modern production facilities, our annual production capacity of innerwear was approximately 18.6 million pieces and our annual production capacity of fabrics was approximately 4,000 tons. We have established a business model integrated with fabric and innerwear manufacturing and sale. Our vertically integrated operations, from fabric weaving and knitting to innerwear cutting and sewing, allow us to factor in the specific requirements of our customers in each production process. We are therefore able to offer our customers greater flexibility in their order specifications in the textile supply chain. We have also been licensed by Outlast, a worldwide company involved in the research, development, design and marketing of phase-change materials, to manufacture and sell certain Outlast’s fabrics which comprise microencapsulated phase-change materials coated fabrics or fibres in China.

Our products are mainly sold to the Japanese and in the PRC, and we have also commenced selling primarily infants’ innerwear to the US.

We strive to grow into one of the leading Chinese functional fabric and innerwear manufacturers for major international apparel brands.